Great features of research tools.
Organize your Ideas

Keep your sources of inspiration in one place, and organize them any way you want. Documents, presentation files, webpages, even video clips can all be securely managed in one place, with freedom to create folders, notes and tags. Search them in an instant.

Get Inspired from Others

Simply copy and paste references into your collections with full bibliographic information, abstracts even full-text! Webpages can also be saved for later reading.

Format Manuscripts

With article templates from world class academic publishers, you can easily prepare manuscripts for publication in the right format and say goodbye to re-submission. Generate citations with ease.

Ensure Originality

Check your originality at any phase of your writing process. Prevent unintentional plagiarism and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Maximize Visibility

Share your ideas with your colleagues and peers, collaborate together, share results and get feedback from all over the world. Follow others and be followed.

EEWOWW can be working on Google Doc now.
With EEWOWW you can easily manage your sources, create citations, and share information with your classmates.
EEWOWW also has writing help features on thesis statements, bias, best practices for research, and more.
With EEWOWW, your research can be easy.


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